Accurate Miniatures 1/48th scale Yak-1

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     One of three Accurate Miniatures Yakovlev Yak-1's that I obtained through an Internet Sale at, or Great Models, or some such, I don't recall exactly who. It was a long wait to get them shipped but here they are. Even with shipping they cost less than the GBP Price in the UK. This is the Razorback version and depicted as one of the machines that Lilia Litvyak flew. Some of the many accessories you can buy for this kit include:

  • Great Models Decals GMW48001 Yak-1 183rd IAP, 77th IAP, Yak-1B 73rd IAP.

  • Aeromaster Decals AMD48505 Yak-1, 7 and 9 (5) White 5 CO Sword Gp red nose; White 47 with white arrow; Both green camo; White 29 Lt Kizim; White 38 Lt Shokurov; White 32 Maj Chirkov yellow rudder. Grey camo

  • Aeromaster Decals AMD48525 Yak-1/7 Pt 2 (5) Yak 1-B Red 12 white a/c; White 28 green/blue; Yak 9 White 17; Red 04; Red 22 all in grey/blue camo

  • Aeromaster Decals AN48423 Yak-1/1b Fighters

  • Squadron Vac Formed Canopy

  • Falcon Clearvax Vac Formed Canopy set 3748

  • Extratech Seatbelts for VVS GPW

  • Eduard Canopy Mask

  • E-Z Masks Canopy Mask EZ050

  • Cutting Edge Canopy Mask CEBM 48330

  • Montex Mini Masks Canopy Mask

  • Pend O'Reille PRA48A248 Klimov M105 (Resin Engine)

  • Quickboost QB48091 Resin Exhausts

Accurate Miniatures 1/48th scale Yak-1

  • Eduard Photo Etched sets supplied either with or without the flaps but both include detail for seatbelts, cockpit, radiator, tail & undercarriage

  • Moskit Exhaust Pipes

  • Moskit Blast Tubes 7.62mm SHKAS

  • Alphaflight Resin Upgrade set

  • Tally Ho Pro-Masks Pre Cut Vinyl Masks

Kit Photos

Accurate Miniatures 1/48th scale Yak-1 Accurate Miniatures 1/48th scale Yak-1 Accurate Miniatures 1/48th scale Yak-1 Accurate Miniatures 1/48th scale Yak-1
This is the underside of the box whereas the picture top-right is the box-top itself. Accurate Miniatures supply a cardboard divider in the box that separates the Instructions, Decals and Clear Parts. Sprue set 1 with all the Fuselage parts. Sprue set 2 with the wings.

Aftermarket Extras

Alpha Flight set Eduard detail set Eduard Photoetch set Moskit real metal Blast Tubes for the 7.62mm ShKAS
The Alpha Flight set that is only available from Great Models over the Internet in the USA. This neat little set includes a resin replacement Razorback upper fuselage. The Eduard detail set in Photoetch that doesn't have the flaps - of which I have two sets The other Eduard Photoetch set that is the same as that pictured left but also contains a set of flaps. Moskit real metal Blast Tubes for the 7.62mm ShKAS machine guns relevant to the Yak-1 Razorback. These Blast tubes actually go under the engine cowling so these are only of use if you are displaying this open. Hence I only have one set of these.
Moskit Yak-1 Exhaust Pipes Falcon Clear Vax Canopy Set Number 37    
Moskit again but these are five sets of the Yak-1 Exhaust Pipes. This set is shared with the Yak-7 Razorback and includes a small cooling air outlet. Falcon Clear Vax Canopy Set Number 37.    


Great Models set for the Yak-1 Great Models set for the Yak-1    
The Great Models set for the Yak-1 (& 1b) features two Razorbacks: 183rd IAP and 77th IAP. The Decal sheet itself. This sets is very similar to a Super Scale set and closer inspection of the decals shows that it produced by them for Great Models.    

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