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What will we be doing next?

     This section deals largely with the Model Aircraft Projects in the pipeline. However there are also various other pieces of work that might also get a mention. Whilst I am working on these Projects the progress is listed in the "On the Bench" section. When complete they will normally move over to the "Gallery Now" section.

     Like most modellers I purchased everything here with the intention of building them. I am not a purist collector. However, everything sits on the back burner awaiting their turn in the long queue... I continue to collect aftermarket accessories for most of the projects listed here. This means there is always a small handful that are "ready to go". There is some pleasure to be got from "nursing" projects along. The inverse being when a manufacturer brings out a newer & better kit of a subject you have on the shelf.

The VVS GPW Project in 1/48th scale

     The "VVS" is the acronym for the Soviet Airforce during the GPW - 'Great Patriotic War' ('World War Two' to Western historians). "VVS" is actually "BBC" in its original Cyrillic alphabet. This Project started in September 2005 and is all 1/48th scale. Something that would have been very difficult ten years ago but is now much easier thanks to the advent of several new manufacturers. The collection looks like this:


  • 3 x Yak-1

    • Accurate Miniatures Yak-1

    • Accurate Miniatures Yak-1 with skis

    • Accurate Miniatures Yak-1b

  • 3 x Yak-7

    • ICM Yak-7B

    • ICM Yak-7B with skis

    • ICM Yak-7DI/9 early

  • 4 x Yak-9

    • ICM Yak-9M

    • ICM Yak-9T

    • ICM Yak-9DD

    • ICM Yak-9K

  • 7 x Lavochkin Fighters

    • LTD LaGG-3 (late)

    • SF LaGG-3 (early)

    • Hobbycraft/LTD La-5 hybrid build

    • Gremlin all resin La-5

    • Gavia La-7 (x 2)

    • Gavia La-7 (3 gun)

  • 2 x MiG-3 (ICM & Trumpeter)

  • 1 x Peshka (MPM Pe-2)

  • 1 x Xuntong Tupolev Tu-2VS Soviet Tactical Bomber

  • 1 x Zvezda Petlyakov Pe-2

1/48th scale WWII Bombers

     This collection probably holds amongst the oldest Kits, and the newest Kits, in the collection. This is the second biggest hobby-related love-of-my-life; big WWII bombers:


  • Fonderie Miniatures Halifax

  • Monogram D-24J Liberator

  • Monogram B-29 Superfortress

  • MPM He-177 Greif

  • Tamiya Lancaster

  • Trumpeter Wellington

  • Monogram B-17G Flying Fortress

  • Revell B-17F Flying Fortress

  • Revell Heinkel He-111 (x2)

1/48th scale WWII Luftwaffe

     There is great scope for expansion in this area although I was trying to avoid single engined fighters. The one multi-engined type was actually given to me for free by a neighbour:


  • Revell-Monogram ProModeller Bf 110G-4


1/48th scale Vintage Soviet

     There are just three entries in this category. Once again this category only really exists because of Kits that were given to me. I can never turn down a freebie or a bargain! These had some vague compatibility with the VVS GPW project so we have:


  • OEZ Su-25K


1/48th scale Modern Bombers & Transports

     The stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere and because I cannot resist really LARGE 1/48th scale anything:


  • Revell B-1B Lancer

  • Italeri AC-130U Hercules Spectre

  • Italeri C-130 Hercules (for spares)


Other scales - odds'n'sods

     ....and finally - time for something completely different.


  • Airfix 1/24th scale Mosquito

  • Fujimi 1/24th scale Bladrunner Spinner

  • Hasegawa 1/20th scale Ammo Knights

  • Revell 1/72nd scale U-Boat V11C

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