In February 2020 I returned to Hannants for a second shopping spree after I decided I needed the Mark I Models "Super-Zeppelin" R-Class in 1/720th scale. To make up the order for free postage I added the Aires Aerobonus 480 137 1/48th scale US 55 Gallon Barrels, the Hauler 1/48th scale HLX48387 Plastic Crates, the Aires Aerobonus 1/48th scale 480 093 German Luftwaffe Pilot WWII, the Airfax 1/48th scale Afgham Single Storey House, the LF Models 1/48th scale decal set "Captured Bf 109G Part II" C4829, the LF Models 1/48th scale decal set C4854 "Captured Fw190A Part II" and the Brassin 1/48th scale Pe-2 UBT guns 648 372.