Revell 1/48th scale

Bell X-5

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Revell 1/48th scale Bell X-5

Revell 1/48th scale Bell X-5

1.     No, not a BMW 4x4.... This Bell model "X-Plane" was actually very closely based upon a German World War Two experimental aircraft. It is remarkable just how far ahead the Germans were during World War Two - they built the World's first swing wing airplane. Admittedly I don't think it flew during WWII - Allied bombing raids saw to that. I believe that the wings couldn't be swung in flight. The entire wing center spar actually moved backwards and forwards to maintain center of gravity. Modern swing-wing jets rely upon the aerodynamic properties of a long leading edge chine to maintain the center of lift forward after the wings sweep back. This beautiful kit was released by (I think) Revell as part of a "nostalgia" re-release range. The model had working control surfaces, swinging/sliding wing mechanism and folding undercarriage. It may be 1/50th scale. Lovely.

Revell 1/48th scale Bell X-5

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