1/72nd scale


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1/72nd scale Typhoon

1/72nd scale Typhoon

1.     This may be an Airfix kit - I don't recall. Of course this is the World War Two RAF Typhoon not the modern canard jet fighter! Although a very old kit and a very old build - I may have only been about ten years of age - this still looks remarkably good. It is clear that the trailing edges and undercarriage bay doors are too thick. Nowadays I would have thinned the wing and replaced the doors. However, the hand-brushed camouflage still looks excellent. Even at this tender age you can see I scratchbuilt a boarding step and glued the ailerons in different positions. You can see the Model-Railway lichen and scale tree in the background of this indoors shot. If you go to the Gallery 2000 section you will see a vastly improved effort in the shape of a 1/48th scale Tempest and Sea Fury which both stemmed from this Hawker design....

1/72nd scale Typhoon

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