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Tamiya 1/35th scale Tank & Trucks

1/35th scale Tamiya M-40 Patton Tank

1.     Various Tamiya 1/35th scale Tanks & Trucks. I actually built a few more than are shown here. However this remains a tiny minority hobby. I still prefer aircraft. I always liked Tamiya armour models if only because they were just very good kits. Easy to build with lots of detail. You could also make them nice and dirty which was always fun. I actually 'discovered' weathering and wash techniques through building these kits. My first 'wash' was discovered by accident when I was brushing some yellow paint onto the anti-aircraft half truck (shown below) to represent mud. I applied it to thinly at first but liked how it ran into the cracks and crevices of the model - it came alive.

1/35th scale Tamiya M-40 Patton Tank

1/35th scale Tamiya German Gepard-based "Flak-Panzer" with twin Oerilikon Guns 1/35th scale Tamiya M-40 Patton Tank 1/35th scale Tamiya M-40 Patton Tank Tamiya 1/35th scale anti-aircraft half-track
2.     It was a few years later that I read in a modelling magazine about techniques for 'washing' your models with colour for this purpose. It became a popular technique championed by the "Verlinden Way". 3.     It was a Verlinden book or Tamiya Catalogue that inspired the diorama shown here. This resides in a custom made expanded polystyrene box in the attic. It suffered a lot from dust which is almost impossible to remove without disassembly. 4.     This features the Tamiya M-40 Patton Tank with various Tamiya figures which were modified with Milliput in the stances I wanted to show. 5.     The above photo shows the anti-aircraft half-track. Photo "2" to our left is of the German Gepard-based "Flak-Panzer" with its impressive twin Oerilikon Guns.

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