Revell 1/48th scale

F-18 Hornet

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Revell 1/48th scale F-18 Hornet

Revell 1/48th scale F-18 Hornet

1.     A very old Revell 1/48th scale F-18. NOT an F/A-18. No, this is the prototype that Revell rushed out before the Hornet entered service. This certainly dates this to the 1980's doesn't it? I seem to recall that there were plenty of photo's of the production machines by this time and I had considered filling in the chine/fuselage 'gap' that existed on the prototype. I was going to do this with Milliput. For some reason I changed my mind. The model looks like it was completed in the kit Decals although I have probably used Hasegawa weapons on the machine rather than kit items. I guess it was something I had to have in my collection as the latest and greatest piece of military hardware therefore I made greater compromises then than I would make today. Both pictures are taken indoors. The photo above shows a small model railway tree in the background. I still have this tree. It seems to haunt me. I just don't know what to do with it. I think it finally got thrown into a box in the attic but I am sure it will be back one day.

Revell 1/48th scale F-18 Hornet

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