Revell 1/48th scale


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Revell 1/48th scale A-10

Revell 1/48th scale A-10

1.     The Revell 1/48th A-10 Warthog. This is another model with a long story. It has had two lives - nearly three. it started as quite a rubbish build when I was quite young. The model actually depicts an early production version without the chaff and flare dispensers. My build was noteworthy for the large amount of lead I put in the nose to stop it from tail sitting. This made it very heavy so I think I over-did it a little. Anyway, a few years later I stripped the model and repainted in the scheme seen here. I then over-loaded it with weapons from a Hasegawa Weapons set. The loads looks quite unlikely! It was airbrushed in Humbrol Enamels but I wasn't happy with the colours so I brushed on a coat of gloss mixed with dark green to give it the appearance here.

Revell 1/48th scale A-10

Revell 1/48th scale A-10 Revell 1/48th scale A-10 Revell 1/48th scale A-10 Revell 1/48th scale A-10
2.     This muddy wash of green is clearly seen here. 3.     After a few years I rendered the weapons to the Spares Box and broke the kit up. 4.     I stripped all of this horrible paint off. I intended upon converting this to a two seater with a Maintrack Resin set. 5.     However, disaster struck and  lost an undercarriage leg in the process.
Revell 1/48th scale A-10      
6.     The project never recovered and the bits sat in a box for ten years before discovering the bin. 7.     I had also bought a Monogram 1/48th scale A-10 in order to build two twin-seat NAW-10's. One would have been the prototype and the other the production machine. I had the resin conversion sets for years. 8.     Finally the Monogram Kit and the Maintrack Resin Conversions (plus decals) all got sold off on EBay so I could focus on newer projects.  

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