Various Nazi Rockets

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Various Nazi Rockets


1.     Here we see three models. I believe the V1 (above) is probably 1/50th or 1/48th scale - I don't quite recall. I believe I bought it when Revell released it as part of a limited run 'nostalgia' production. Although obviously dated, the model had lots of internal detail and working features. It was a real pleasure to build & the interior was quite accurate.


V1 Gnatter & V2 V2 V1
2.     In black and white this V1 looks quite good in its assembled and launch mode. 3.     These two other kits of the V2 and Gnatter are of unknown origin. Probably 1/72nd scale. 4.     The V2 is the manned version. The mount is from the kit. Of course this is an air-breathing pulse jet - not a true rocket. 5.     The V1 camouflage was painted with a small sponge soaked in paint. In fact both the V2 & Gnatter got the same treatment.
6.     I used the V1 interior during a school presentation I gave on Rocketry. Very instructional. I was 17 years of age.      

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