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Cut out a Kilo of CO2


World Environment Day is a United Nations programme for promoting worldwide environmental awareness and action. What will be YOUR contribution this year? For every 100 visitors to this Web Site on the 5th June Krofire Enterprises will purchase a one tonne Carbon offset.


We will also be backing The Carbon Neutral Company's campaign for "Cut a Kilo of CO2" on the 5th June. If everyone in the UK did this it would equal 44,000 tonnes of CO2. How? Well, simple - encourage everyone in your entire company to switch their Computer Monitor off for 45 minutes at lunchtime. Go on! Go out for a walk. Get some air. If that doesn't take your fancy replace just three 100 watt lightbulbs with their Energy Saving equivalents.


2nd May 2008

Sustainable Business Update


It is the longer term objective of Krofire Enterprises to maintain a downward pressure on any unsustainable practices. This goes beyond just the Carbon Footprint and extends to what we SHOULD do and not just what we should not. In 2008 we will review our Business and incorporate a new Sustainable Business Strategy in our operational practices. For example we will resist unnecessary travel where there is no proven value-add and a better alternative exists. Likewise we will scrutinise hardware purchases for their environmental impact and continue our emphasis on Web-based trading. We will renew our investment in the Enterprise, started in March 2007, and we will continue inward investment from our own funds and not borrowings. Knowledge Enterprises should be economically weightless and we must endeavour to build a genuinely sustainable Business that generates sustainable wealth without prejudicing the future. In 2007 we started to support the "Contraction & Convergence" framework proposed by the Global Commons Institute whilst in April 2008 we formally adopted the Oil Depletion Protocol.


25th April 2008

Carbon Footprint update


In the year 2007/2008 we saw an unfortunate growth in our Carbon Footprint. The kg/CO2 from Business car journeys increased by 486kg (to 900kg) whilst Business Flights increased their footprint by a massive 2,455kg (to 5,686kg). Total direct CO2 footprint was 6.59 tonnes for the year which we double to include any indirects. The Certificate (left) shows that we chose this year to offset this by buying 105.60 (up from 43.29) worth of Solar Ovens & Energy Efficient Stoves in the majority developing world. Last year's increases were a reflection of the doubling of travel in connection with Norgine's European-wide User Acceptance Testing activities.


6th April 2008

Climate Change tops Poll of Threats to Business


A report produced by Business Continuity Expo 2008 shows that Climate Change is the biggest threat facing Business. It ranks ahead of terrorism, the credit crunch, pandemic flu and flooding. 87% of Businesses feel that Global Warming will effect their future Business growth. The rising cost of energy is also a serious risk with 83% concerned that this wil impact their Businesses adversely within the next five years.



8th May 2008

Norgine Goes LIVE on Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 8.10


Our heartfelt congratulations to Norgine on their recent success. Krofire first joined with Norgine Ltd at the end of 2004 after initial discussions for Project work going back as early as September 2002. Those who regularly peruse our Web pages would be forgiven for thinking that we have done little since then. At nearly three years, this has been the longest running Project in Krofire's history & we traditionally don't discuss Client activity until Project conclusion. It was worth it... Norgine is now a proud Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 8.10 user across Offices, Factories and Warehouses at multiple sites throughout England, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland. What started as an upgrade from an earlier JDE install snowballed in complexity and sophistication far beyond what was originally envisioned. The original Go-Live dates were pitched at mid-2006 but these were quickly surpassed with additional tasks arising from Business Process Harmonisation and a new Supply Chain Model. Krofire spent a lot of time moving the Factory World A7.3 system over to their new E1 models before being instrumental in the design of the Supply Chain systems. This work included significant Interfaces and implementation of everything from DRP to the Quality Management System. We also interfaced E1 to APS for the first time. We spent the New Year Go-Live period at the French Factory (pictured above). We remain at the Harefield Office, supplying high level support, through until the Summer 2008. We would like to thank everyone at Norgine for allowing us to assist in this important enterprise and its eventual success. Thanks too to Whitehouse Consultants for connecting us with Norgine.


27th March 2008

Krofire House - Solar Power Station


PV0722.jpg (200946 bytes)In August 2005 Krofire House became Solar Powered with 1.5 kWp roof mounted Kyocera Photo-Voltaic system. This system works even on the cloudiest of north European days and will generate between a quarter and a third of our Energy requirements. This is the latest step we have taken as part of our commitment to becoming Carbon Neutral. We were helped by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) a Governmental organisation that offers Grants for such work. The Installation also earns us around 2 Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROC's) per year to the value of roughly 49 each. This money comes from the Carbon-trading scheme setup by the Government. The Installation took only two days to put in and will reduce our Electricity Bill. To learn more about the details of this Installation please go to our Carbon Neutral page and the 'Solar Power' page here.


4th September 2005

Krofire at Peek Traffic


During June we visited Peek Traffic in Basingstoke (who are, incidentally, across the car park from Arjo Wiggins). They make Traffic Control Systems at a factory in Leicestershire. They are users of OneWorld Xe who needed advice concerning the redesign of their Floor Stocks process from Planning through Purchase, Inventory and Work Order Management. We were happy to help however briefly the opportunity was.


16th June 2005

Krofire in the Apparel Industry LVM0435.jpg (139547 bytes)


June 2005 saw Krofire taking the Eurostar form London to Paris in order to meet representatives of Louis Vuitton Malletier ("LVM"). LVM had invited us to France to assist them with the design and redesign of a couple of processes within their JDEdwards systems. We took the TGV to Nantes and Ste Florence in the West of France in order to review a Leather Cutting process before proceeding back to Paris for a couple of days at their original factory in Asnieres sur Seine. This latter Factory is of immense historical importance to the Company as the Louis Vuitton museum is next door. The Factory has only recently been reopened after a complete rebuild. Krofire was there to advise upon the design of their Special Customer Orders process.


10th June 2005

Krofire goes CarbonNeutral


From the middle of January 2005 Krofire Enterprises became a CarbonNeutral Services Provider.


20th January 2005

Russian-Translating Welcomes the New Year in London RusFest0017.jpg (108678 bytes)


The folks at welcomed in the Russian New Year in style during a day-long "Russian Winter Festival" in London's World-famous Trafalgar Square. The event was broadcast around the World and showed of the very best of Russian Culture, Dance and Song. The Alexandrov Red Army Choir performed in London for the first time in 40 years.


15th January 2005


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