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Knowledge Service: ERP Professional Services

Speciality: Manufacturing

Knowledge Service: ERP Professional Services

Speciality: Enterprise Asset Management

Krofire's JD Edwards specialty started in 1996. It offers Manufacturing Industry 12 years experience including 5 years in Manufacturing Industry. Krofire offers experience from a variety of different Consulting firms, including Big Five and JDEdwards Business Partners. As of Sept '03 JDEdwards is now PeopleSoft. We have multiple JDEdwards (PeopleSoft/Oracle) Professional Certfications.Use us for JDEdwards (PeopleSoft/Oracle) Manufacturing, Discrete, Process, Repetitive, WorldSoftware A5.2 to A8.1 inclusive (PeopleSoft World), OneWorld all releases thru Xe and ERP8/JDE5 (PeopleSoft Enterprise One), Product Data Management (PDM), Engineering Change Orders (ECO), Engineering Change Requests (ECR), Product Costing, Bills of Materials, Routings, Work Centers, Shop Floor Control (SFC/SFM), Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC), Work Order Management, Manufacturing Accounting, Configurator, Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), Resource Requirements Planning (RRP), Rough-Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Multi-Plant MRP, Forecast Consumption, Detail Forecasting, Summary Forecasting, Quality Management, Distribution, throughout Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Telecommunications, Light Engineering, Foodstuffs, Defence, Electronics, Hi-Tech, Minerals, Automotive, Office Automation, with experience of FDA 21CFR Part 11 and related Quality Systems, Training, Consultancy, Support, Full Lifecycle Implementations and so, so much more............


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To complement the JDEdwards (PeopleSoft/Oracle) Manufacturing Professional Services we are proud to offer not only the NEW C.S.M.S. modules (Enterprise Asset Management - EAM) but also the Advanced Plant and Equipment Maintenance in JDEdwards OneWorld Xe. We have implemented this in Saudia Arabia in 2002.Krofire has a five year track record of working with the JDEdwards EAM - World Advanced plant and Equipment Maintenance modules. Experience was gained implementing this in a Snack Foods Company. Plant Maintenance was integrated with CSMS Contracts whilst in Saudi Arabia.Use us for JDEdwards Customer Service Management System (CSMS), Installed Base Management, Contract Management, Contract Billing, Base Warranty, Extended Warranty, Return Material Authorisations, Call Center Management, Knowledge Management, Service Orders, Service Order Billing, Plant Maintenance, Equipment Management, Preventative Maintenance, Meter Reading, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Training, Consultancy, Support, Full Lifecycle Implementations and so, so much more............

Knowledge Service: Languages

Speciality: Russian

Knowledge Service: Web

Speciality: All

Krofire's Russian Language Support Services started in the first quarter of 2001 after we obtained staff from the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Russian Language service includes the translation of all Technical and Legal Documents plus consecutive verbal translation. We have experience of working in Russian/English ERP Implementation Teams and on tranlsating JDEdwards ERP Manuals into Russian. We can also offer a variety of PA, PC, Web-Development, HTML and Teaching skills - all in dual Language from staff whose first Language is Russian but have trained in America.


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Krofire's Web Service have existed to utilise our home-grown talent in webbuild and deploy for other companies. To date we have launched some six separate web sites across cyber-space with plans for many more... We can offer neat and simple Corporate Web Sites for small business's with a variety of facilities including feedback forms and options for Hosting and traffic building.


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