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Knowledge Service: ERP Professional Services

Speciality: JD Edwards/PeopleSoft/Oracle Manufacturing and SWM

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JD Edwards Manufacturing Troubleshooter

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  • The very BEST JD Edwards Manufacturing skills and experience. 
  • We offer 20 years of prior Manufacturing Industry experience plus a further 18 years with Manufacturing Clients of JDEdwards.
  • Krofire offers experience from a variety of different Consulting firms, including Big Five, as well as a variety of Industries.
  • We have operated in countries as far apart as the U.S. and Kazakhstan.
  • JDEdwards Product Certified.
  • We offer an Engineering background rather than more traditional skills set at market entry.


Apply for any Krofire JD Edwards OneWorld/E1 Manufacturing, EAM, SWM & CSMS Professional Services by please calling or emailing us.

ERP Applications (JD Edwards/PeopleSoft)

ERP Professional Services

  • Product Data Management (Certified), Product Costing, Engineering Change Orders (ECO), Engineering Changes Requests (ECR), Bills of Materials, Routings, Work Centers

  • Shop Floor Control (SFC) (Certified), Shop Floor Data Capture, Work Order Management, Manufacturing Accounting

  • Configurator

  • Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), Resource Requirements Planning (RRP), Rough-Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Multi-Plant MRP

  • Forecast Consumption, Detail Forecasting, Summary Forecasting

  • Quality Management & Distribution

  • Service & Warranty Management (SWM), Customer Service Management System (CSMS), Installed Base Management, Contract Management, Contract Billing, Base Warranty, Extended Warranty, Return Material Authorisations, Call Center Management, Knowledge Management, Service Orders, Service Order Billing

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Asset Lifecycle (EAL), Plant Maintenance, Equipment Management, Preventative Maintenance, Meter Reading

Use us for:


  • Oracle JD Edwards

  • Manufacturing, Discrete, Process, Repetitive

  • WorldSoftware A5.2 to A9.3 inclusive ("PeopleSoft World")

  • OneWorld/EnterpriseOne all releases Xe thru E9.1

  • Training, Consultancy, Support, Full Lifecycle Implementations

  • Post implementation fine tuning...

  • ...and so, so much more............ 


To learn more please click here to fill out & submit the online form. To learn about our Value Proposition please click here with a pop-up info box.

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